What might a symphony of substances sound like ? Is it possible to cultivate sounds ? What would be the form of a musical ecosystem ? It is on the horizon of these speculations that a desire is born, that of making “matter sing”, of listening to its potential resonances. From this desire emerges this project: to make audible some variations which affect, often in an unspeakable way, the world which surrounds us. Thus, a field of research at the borders of poetics and science is defined.

Singing matter is therefore a first attempt to answer to these speculations, a machine that explores the interactions between sound and matter, that probes its sound potential. The system analyses the movements and density of a fluid and produces a sound feedback within the device itself.
In collaboration with Nessim Kauffmann, CNC cut and 3D printing master.
Overall dimensions : 2000 mm x 450 mm
Materials : Plexiglas, metal, LEDs, lasers 650nm class 2, Arduino mega, electronic components
Weight : 12 kg

Johan pardo - Media design 3D and motion