Ikaro is a “photosynthesizer”, an audiovisual and performative instrument which emits light and translates it into sonic frequencies. In the continuity of visual music devices, that represent sound in the form of a visual medium, Ikaro invites the user and the audience to look as well as to listen.
Ikaro imagines a new way of producing sounds by manipulating light. Through an interface composed of a series of modular elements, the system allows several ways of combining, emitting and filtering light, reinterpreting the concept of a modular synthesizer by controlling fans, LEDs, and lasers. Analog sound synthesis consists in modulating sounds in the form of an electrical signal: in Ikaro, the sound is directly produced by photovoltaic cells that transform light into electrical variations. Through those “light microphones”, Ikaro also explores a fundamental dimension of electronic music in a raw way.

In this version there’s also more connectivity. The main module becomes a patch area: You can connect different sound sources to it, and the different sources can modulate with each other, creating real sound design possibilities.

Photographies : Baptiste Coulon et Raphaëlle mueller
Overall dimensions : 380mm x 380mm
Materials : Wood, plexiglas, metal, LEDs, lasers 650nm class 2, electronic components
Weight : 3,5 kg

Johan pardo - Media design 3D and motion