For my selection at the @swissdesignawards 2022, I had the opportunity to develop a new version of my photosynthesizer (See previous version for technical details). One of the main issue of my first version was that each module was connected to an external power supply. In collaboration with HEPIA Geneva We have been able to develop a system where the modules are powered by the base: each module has a magnetic connector, and the module is activated as soon as it is placed.

Another aspect I wanted to update in my synthesizer is the connectivity, to develop more interactions for more sound possibilities. In this version, the main module becomes a patch area: You can connect different sound sources to it, but more importantly, the different sources can modulate with each other, creating real sound design possibilities. Each sound has its own output for connection to a modular synthesizer or mixer.

User manual and technical specifications

A huge thank you to HEPIA Geneva and especially to Nicola Giandomenico and Dariel Schneider for all their work, their kindness and their investment in this project.

Overall dimensions : 380mm x 380mm
Materials : Wood, plexiglas, metal, LEDs, lasers 650nm class 2, PC fans, electronic components
Weight : 3,5 kg